On Hiatus...

Before I cry too much, for any emergency contact just send me a message through LJ or e-mail at tinuviel228@yahoo.com.  I will probably be in contact with yall sooner or later!  For now, adios...

The Little TaiBu Pimp Post
I tried to do a picspam, but oh my it is hard to find pictures of them together!!  Anyways, here goes!  One of the sweetest Ya-Ya-yah pairings (and the tallest...and skinniest!):

Image Heavy (Duh!)Collapse )

Yeah, I need to go do something else now!!!


Well, today, or a few hours ago actually was my 愛しいの中丸くん’s birthday! (For being late ごめん)
So in honor of my first love in Johnny's....

25 Reasons to Love Nakamaru (Warning: slightly image heavy)Collapse )


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